Mind.Body.Fuel is excited to continue the Miles Stovall tradition by showcasing the Elite Natural Athlete on NOVEMBER 3, 2018Miles Stovall founded the Alamo Showdown Classic in 2004, giving drug free athletes a fair chance to showcase top quality natural muscle. This show is one of Texas’ best, and well run shows today…making sure every athlete is highlighted for their dedication and hard work preparing for this special day.

Naturally Fit Federation

The Naturally Fit Federation was started so that the athletes and promoters would have a place to compete in drug free competitions without all the restrictions and added cost other federations are charging. We do not charge promoters to hold a show and our annual membership fee is only $50 per year, 1/2 of most other federations. As a Naturally Fit Federation amateur or pro athlete you are able to compete when and where you would like. Also, the Naturally Fit Federation welcomes all amateurs and pros from any federation to join our athletes on stage.
If you can pass our test you can compete!!!!


Miles Stovall - Beach

Pioneer in the fitness industry since 1985 and a household name, Miles Stovall became one of San Antonio’s leading personal trainers and competitive fitness  athletes.  With an incredible history of bodybuilding championship wins and a fitness background, Miles continues to strive for quality of life and paralleling it with his growing business.


San Antonio’s own American Gladiator Contender
3x World Natural Bodybuilding Champion
2x American Bodybuilding Champion
Mr. Universe Bodybuilding Champion
International Bodybuilding Champion
World Fitness Champion
Texas State Fitness Champion
Southwest Overall Champion
European Runner-Up